Where before there was an island

Centuries ago Ebro river passed in front of where it is now our home and the area was part of an island in the northern Delta, but a flood changed the river. So, the former course of the Ebro become a secondary arm and finally, Last century, our ancestors transformed the wasteland of the old "Riet" in fertile rice fields. In addition to old maps and the name ofIlla de Mar, unevenness of rice fields and how strongly rooted riparian trees that populate our estate still left to guess that there was old curs of Ebro river. Here you can see some recreations (The authors are. Canicio the C. Ibáñez) how was the Ebro Delta in century XVI and in the XVIII century, when there was still the island.

Representació del Delta de l'Ebre al S.XVIRepresentació del Delta de l'Ebre al S.XVIII

A farm devoted to growing rice

The place wher is located our house , categorized as 'allotjament rural', is a six acres farm, it is fully dedicated to Rice, the main growing of the Ebro Delta. You can enjoy the scenery from our farm changes throughout the year, following the cycle of rice. In the spring you can see the flooded rice paddies and how begin to emerge the rice plants, in summer camps become a huge green carpet, at the end of summer we collect rice and then we dry it at sun. In autumn and winter many migratory birds visit the flooded rice paddies to feed.

We are in the perfect place to discover the Ebro Delta

Our casa rural is located in an ideal place to explore by bike or car the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta, its spectacular bird reservoirs and quiet·sandy beaches.

Near the house there is one of the most special places in Ebro Delta, the Punta del Fangar. It is a vast stretch of sand that penetrates the sea and reminds an African desert, Even with mirages. There is only one building: a lighthouse that warns ships . To get there you must park your car on La Marquesa beach (four kilometers from the house) and then starting a nice one-hour hike from the sea up to the lighthouse.

Far del Fangar Delta de l'Ebre

The current course of Ebro river, still magnificent, is about 5 kilometers from the house. We also have very close to the as Badia del Fangar and lagoons Canal Vell and Les Olles, we recommend going with bike across paths bordered by peaceful rice fields and ditches.

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